PalmOS Application for Converting Units


Although the Java Library is mature, the PalmOS application is pretty new. However, it works well under normal use.

How to Use it

It's easy:

What sets this software apart from other unit conversion tools, is it takes an arbitrary string for a unit, such as "m^2/hour". See the list of units page for a list of built in units and prefixs, and a more detailed description.



Binary Download

A Binary version of the application can be downloaded from the sourceforge download page. In order to run the application, you will need the mathlib.

Compiling Source

Source code is included with the Java code, and is also on the sourceforge download page.

A Makefile is included for use with the gcc compiler.

In order to compile the source code, you will need some of the following.

Future Work

I am planning to add the following features:

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