Software for Physical Units and Unit Conversion


This software allows one to convert from one set of units to another. For example from feet to meters. To get a feel for the software, you should try out the Java Applet.

This project is really two different pieces of software. The first is a Java Library for representing units and for converting numbers from one unit to another. This library is used in the applet above. The second piece is a PalmOS application which uses the same algorithm as the Java library, but is written in C++.

See the list of units page for a list of built in units and prefixs, and a more detailed description.


Binary versions of either the Java library or the PalmOS application can be downloaded from the sourceforge download page. They are called unit.jar and convert.prc respectively. In order to run the PalmOS application, you will need to install MathLib.

The android version of this application can be downloaded from the Android Market. Available in Android Market

Available in Android Market

Source code for both pieces are combined in one tar or zip file on the sourceforge download page. In order to compile the source code, you will need some of the following.


The Java code is released to the public domain, and may be used freely. The PalmOS application is under the LGPL: You may freely use, modify and distribute the code, but you must include the source with any binaries.

More Information

More information can be found on the sourceforge project page.

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